Dog Bites

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Unexpectedly and alarmingly, you or someone you love has been attacked by a dog. You must recover from not only any physical injuries, but mental injuries, as well, as dog bite victims are likely to be traumatized. It takes time to recover physically, emotionally and financially.

The responsibility of controlling a pet belongs to the dog’s owner. Whether an animal attack occurred on the pet owner’s property or another private or public location, the owner is liable for any injuries caused to you. Stoudt Law, in Stillwater, Minnesota, is a skilled and experienced personal injury law firm that will fight for you to secure the maximum settlement possible.

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Led by attorney Anne Stoudt, our law firm provides aggressive representation and personalized service. We are empathetic and compassionate to your situation, but assertive and confident in our representation of you and going after insurance companies.

A dog bite can cause many serious types of injuries that may lead to a lengthy recovery, loss of income, rehabilitation and even therapy. The types of injuries may include:

  • Severe scarring and disfigurement requiring lengthy and painful rehabilitation related to treatments such as skin grafts and plastic surgery
  • Bacterial infections that can affect your joints, bones and tendons, as well as cause fevers, pneumonia or meningitis
  • The transmission of rabies, which can prove fatal
  • Severe damage to bones, nerves and tendons due to the physical force of the bite
  • Psychological trauma, which must be treated by a licensed therapist

We will deal with all legal matters so you can focus on recovering physically, emotionally and mentally. Our team will fight for you, pursuing effective legal strategies that may include negotiating with insurance companies and opposing attorneys. And we also are prepared to go to a courtroom trial.

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